ADVENT-uring with Jesus

December 23, 2018 ~ Pastor Gerry Koning

When Jesus Advent-ured into the manger as the Savior of the world, He was wrapped in cloth strips. Imagine the Almighty God bound in strips of rough cloth. It was not the only time He was bound. He was bound and taken to Pilate, and He was wrapped in strips of cloth when He was buried. But Christ was bound so that we could be set free, like Lazarus rising from the dead and Jesus instructing the people to unbind him and set him free. Whatever might bind us today, Jesus came to set us free.

December 9, 2018 ~ Pastor Gerry Koning

The fact that Jesus was born in Bethlehem was all part of His great advent-ure in coming to earth. Coming to Bethlehem placed Him directly in the shadow of King Herod the Great, the "King of the Jews". There could not have been a greater contrast in kings. The big king Herod had so much power, so much wealth, and was also so ruthless and cared only for himself. The little King Jesus, on the other hand, came in total weakness, total poverty, yet was completely merciful, coming only so that we, His much-loved people could have life in all its fullness. How are we living in that fullness?

December 2, 2018 ~ Pastor Gerry Koning

This message marks the start of a new Advent series called "Advent-uring with Jesus", where we will look at the adventure that coming to earth was for Jesus, and as a result how it also began a whole new great advent-ure for God's people. This message specifically looks at the family that Jesus ventured into and how that reshapes how we should look at family. The makeup of the family that Jesus entered into shows us clearly the depth and width of God's love and grace. After all, His family tree had some very evil and some generally unacceptable people in it. And from Jesus taking His place in this family, we learn that our ultimate family is God's family and that we too must come not only into our biological family but also into this family of God with amazing love and grace.

Sally Kuipers