Understanding God's Love

February 11, 2018 - Pastor Gerry Koning

This message concludes a study of the book of Job and gives us two important things we learn about God -- that He is ALL Sovereign and ALL wise; two important things we learn about Job -- that he repented and then he forgave his friends; and finally, two important things we learn about restoration.  God does restores, sometimes physically, but always spiritually, both in this life and into all eternity.  The question for us then is this, how do we begin living in eternity right now?  How are we using our blessings in service to Christ today?

February 4, 2018 - Pastor Gerry Koning

Out of the approaching storm, God speaks.  And He not only speaks through creation, but also about all of creation and His Lordship over it.  He confirms that He is Lord of all the earth, Lord of all the skies, Lord of all creatures, and even Lord of all Powers, including the spiritual powers of Satan and his forces.  Because of his suffering, Job is now ready to see God more fully in this way -- as being sovereign over all creation and also sovereign over all spiritual beings -- so that even in suffering he can find rest.  If we want to find this same rest in our suffering, we have to be ready to hear God speak, not forgetting that He speaks powerfully through all of His creation.

January 21, 2018 - Pastor Gerry Koning

After Job's three friends have finished all their arguments and after Job has responded to them, another voice that has been waiting in the wings, listening to it all, speaks out, and with this voice of Elihu we finally hear the voice of truth.  The truth is that God is not a God of the retribution principal, and he is also not an arbitrary God who makes no sense.  The truth is that righteous people are still sinners, including Job in his harboring of pride, and that when suffering comes to a righteous person, it is not punishment but correction. Suffering is a means of purifying faith.  Instead of seeing problems, people and processes that cause us grief, we need to receive these as purifying trials.

January 14, 2018 - Pastor Gerry Koning

Job had three "friends' who proposed to "comfort" him in his time of agony and distress.  But in the end, Job could only refer to them as miserable comforters, and God Himself was very angry at them for, each in their own way, so badly misrepresenting Him as a God of retributive justice instead of love.  In the words of Job, a comforter should be one who gives words of encouragement and relief.  A comforter should never come across as more spiritual, never motivate with fear or name calling, and never be so rational that it is impossible to just be a good listener.  God is a God of comfort, and He desires that we, because of the comfort we have received, learn to be compassionate comforters to others.

Sally Kuipers