June 17, 2018 ~ Richard Britton

Nicodemus is Israel’s teacher but he does not understand spiritual things. Jesus, who Nicodemus calls teacher, is Israel’s true teacher. Jesus has seen the kingdom of God because He is born “from above,” and we must be born “from above” or “again” to see God’s kingdom. If we are cleansed from sin through faith in Christ (symbolized by the waters of baptism) and transformed by the Spirit of God, we can have a place in the kingdom of God. Nicodemus asks how this can be. Jesus’ answer is that the Son of Man must be lifted up on the cross. 

June 10, 2018 ~ Rev. Dan Gritter

 This week Rev. Gritter led the congregation in the fascinating story from John 2 of encountering Christ at a wedding in a small town called Cana in Galilee when water was changed into wine.  It was there that the writer John tells us that the disciples saw the glory of Jesus and believed in Him.  So what was this glory they saw?  It was quite different from the idea of glory that we find often in our culture.  It was glory that comes often in life in unexpected places and ways.  It was the glory of selfless service of others.  If we have eyes to see it we will see the glimmering of the kind of glory God values far more than we realize.  This story is an encouragement to live that kind of life reflecting the glory of Jesus in selflessly serving others.  We may think doing this in small ways is not very important, but it is!

June 3, 2018 ~ Seminarian Richard Britton

The Diciples Encounter Christ ~ In John 1, the apostle John presents John the Baptist as the model witness to Christ. John the Baptist denies himself and bears witness that Jesus is the Messiah. The disciples all use titles of Jesus that point to Him being the Son of God. They know who Jesus is after their encounters with Him. Then they go and tell others about Him. Who can we tell about what God is doing in the life of the church, and in our own personal lives? How have we encountered Christ through His word, creation, and in our relationships with others? God’s Spirit will help shape us into model disciples and witnesses like the people presented in John 1.